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20 years

Located in Rome, Georgia, Honeycomb Products manufactures environmentally safe shipping and packaging products.

Honeycomb Products is dedicated to providing the most environmentally friendly products for the shipping and packaging industry.  Our products are preferred by today’s businesses because they are made from kraft paper and wheat paste making them 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The unique honeycomb design uses the least amount of paper than any other type of comparable product and is one of the strongest designs found in nature. Honeycomb can hold up to 9,000lbs per sq. ft. or cushion 1 lb.  No matter what type of product you need protected, environmentally friendly honeycomb products is an answer.

Research information and samples for educational purposes are welcome! 

Approximate Decomposition rates according to the EPA*:

Banana Peel 3-4weeks
Paper bag/Honeycomb 1 month
Wood 10-15 years
Styrofoam (Eternity)

*information from



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